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Friday, 7 January 2011

Writing the BLUES...

You're going to have be quick on this one because the closing date is January 15 2011, but if you already have a short story or poem that fits in with the theme then you might want to have a go because the first prize is worth having: a week at an established writer's retreat in Greece. Tempting isn't it?
And the theme is
The organisors are asking you to create something "bluer than blue".*   
Short stories maximum of 3000 words: Poems up to 500 words. Fee: £6
For more information click on the title of this post.
*Google produced 920,000,000 results for the word BLUE in 0.7 seconds…. Here’s mine in seven minutes or so: blue sky, blue sea, blue mountains, Blue Peter, blue lagoon, singing the blues, having the blues, blue films, Joni Mitchell’s blue, sapphire, lapis lazuli, woad, periwinkle, gentian, delphinium, Blue John, the Virgin’s blue cloak in renaissance paintings, Paul Newman’s eyes…

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