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Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Mystery writing competition UPDATE

On January 2nd I gave details about an interesting competition run by an American publishing company who are looking for new writers for the Young Adult market. At the time, although it looked as though they would be happy to receive international entries, I wasn't entirely certain about the prize on offer (Can a US kindle work in Europe?) Budhapussink have been in touch to clarify - this is what they had to say:
We are definitely looking for new talent, as well as, already published authors.

In answer to your question about the Kindle - if the First Prize winner resides in a country where Kindle is not yet available, we will give the winner the cash value a new Kindle in the form of a gift card.
Just to remind you, they are looking for a mystery and they have pretty clear ideas about what that means...

What is a mystery? In a mystery, the main character must track down the truth about an event, often a murder. If the protagonist is in any danger, it usually becomes a problem only as the detective/protagonist approaches the truth.
The deadline is the end of January

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