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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Summer Creative Writing Courses

Two new creative writing courses starting in May
CREATIVE WRITING – an introduction
Always wanted to write? Join a Monday evening course that will stretch your imagination.
In a gentle and supportive atmosphere we will experiment with different genres and styles of writing, finding inspiration and new ways to defeat the blank page along the way. Absolute beginners very welcome.

Where? Portslade Community College in Chalky Road on the western edge of Brighton – on the 1 and 1a bus route and there’s lots of car parking space too.
When? Monday evenings 7 pm to 9 pm for ten weeks starting on May 9
Find out more: Call 01273 422632 to enrol by phone, pop into the College or visit the website at http://www.pcc-web.com/com-ed/index.asp
For writers with some experience. A short summer course on Friday mornings in Central Brighton.
Explore different areas of imaginative writing - including non fiction - and produce work that's ready to be published

Where? The Friends’ Centre in New England Street, a minute from Brighton Station
When? Friday mornings 10am – 12 noon for six week starting on May 6
Find out more: Friends Centre 01273 810210 info@friendscentre.org or look at the website www.friendscentre.com

Monday, 18 April 2011

A Writing Retreat for Women (better than a week in the Canaries...)

New Writing South is one of my favourite organisations, partly because it sometimes employs me (and I am biased towards any organisation that has the great good sense to do that), but mostly because it does so many interesting things and never ever rests on past glories. It's based in Brighton but serves writers, emerging writers and want-to-be writers throughout the south east region from Oxford to Kent. 
I've just heard that they are about to launch a special three-day writing retreat for women. It will take place in September in rural Sussex and it will be led by Vanessa Gebbie. I know Vanessa and I have no doubt it will be an empowering expereince. She is not only a highly original and exciting short story writer (winner of numerous competitions) but also an excellent writing tutor. Her first novel is out later this year and I recommend her guide to the art of short story writing, Short Circuit published by Salt. 
Find out more about the autumn retreat by visiting New Writing South's website (click the title of this post). You can register your interest by emailing

GET WELL wishes...

...are all the nicer when they come from the pen of an exceptional Brighton poet (and it's a very good job that it doesn't hurt to laugh.)
Hi Bridget,
Sorry to hear you've been a bit Philip K. Dick lately. Apparently you were taken Sheridan Morley whilst moving to your new Jerome K.Jerome As if moving wasn't enough of an Ichabod Crane without that! If it's what I think it is then Ouch! I don't suppose you'll be attending many Dick Francis' or Robert Graves' for a while.
On a slightly more serious note, please get Ethel M. Dell in your own good time and I hope you don't get Spike Milligan! My Dorothy L.Sayers are with you.
Love, light and peace,
   Thanks Chris!                   

Sunday, 10 April 2011

As I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted...*

What can stop a blog in its tracks?
Moving house.
Sudden loss of reliable broadband (because of above)
Intensive Care
...and when they happen all on the same day, it can make for a few technical problems.

Not quite ready to resume normal service but inching my way towards it. Sincere apologies to all my students - we didn't make it to end of term together but I will feedback on the work you submitted. Honest. And you have permission to nag me.

See you back here soon.

* The words of Cassandra (William Connor) the legendary Daily Mirror writer when he resumed his regular column after WWII