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Monday, 18 April 2011

GET WELL wishes...

...are all the nicer when they come from the pen of an exceptional Brighton poet (and it's a very good job that it doesn't hurt to laugh.)
Hi Bridget,
Sorry to hear you've been a bit Philip K. Dick lately. Apparently you were taken Sheridan Morley whilst moving to your new Jerome K.Jerome As if moving wasn't enough of an Ichabod Crane without that! If it's what I think it is then Ouch! I don't suppose you'll be attending many Dick Francis' or Robert Graves' for a while.
On a slightly more serious note, please get Ethel M. Dell in your own good time and I hope you don't get Spike Milligan! My Dorothy L.Sayers are with you.
Love, light and peace,
   Thanks Chris!                   


Letter from Iberia said...

Hola Bridget,
Sorry to see that you have been unwell and are in hospital, my wife Jennifer was also recently incarcerated in an intensive care unit before being transferred to a general recovery ward.
However she stated that it was not all bad news, as she had a fantastic view across the straights of Gibraltar and also had the opportunity of reading your book again.

Get well soon
Roy C Malin (Old Mayfieldonian)

BRIDGET said...

Thank you so much...only now catching up with messages. Give your wife my VERY best wishes. Way to go - recovering and reading my book. That woman deserves a medal or very special cossetting. Excellent taste even when ill....Hope she is feeling lots better