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Wednesday, 26 January 2011

A Small Stone Number 26

A last minute meeting at home. Ok so I hadn't found the time to hoover. I'm a working woman and my lounge sometimes turns into my office. Ok so I hadn't managed to shift all the clean washing from downstairs to upstairs. I thought about it at 2pm but an urgent email got in the way. And a deadline. And another deadline.
Good meeting. Great meeting with a woman I had never met before. A meeting of minds. As I said goodbye, mentally timetabling all the things we'd agree, I noticed the pile of clean clothes on the chair that would have been in her direct eye line. And that's when I saw the pair of knickers sitting on top.
Oh God
Oh God
Oh God 


MorningAJ said...

As long as they were M&S you're OK!

Eliza said...

Lol Bridget! It's always the way, isn't it. :O) At least they were clean. :D

BRIDGET said...

You've made me feel better...it could have been the dirty washing