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Friday, 21 January 2011

A Small Stone Number 20

Head full of history and the danger of adverbs
Arms full off registers and hand outs
A shy smile from a new student who
is not certain she's in the right place.
A lazy grin from a two semester old timer who

knows he is.

It's the start of a new term


Merlene said...

I see this scene very clearly, Bridget. Nice.

Anonymous said...

Who would have thought that a stropy teenager from Mayfield would write such an incredible book? Well done Margaret.


BRIDGET said...

Ah! But do you remember me in all my stroppiness? (Probably not as a good few miles separated Mayfield Girls from Mayfield Boys) But you are very welcome on this site as an old boy of a perhaps less than illustriousness Essex school and for having read A GOOD CONFESSION and liking it. Way to go!
(PS Up until the age of 16 I was known by family, friends and school authorities by my second name - Margaret. I started using my first name when I moved to Redbridge Technical College...of course my family still know me as Margaret and I have to double check the spelling every Christmas when I send out cards....)

BRIDGET said...

Merlene you haven't been in any of my classes, have you? Sure I would remember...I don't actually teach history but the writing of history (in a way --- family history and Culture)