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Thursday, 13 January 2011

Visitors from places I'd like to visit

The flag counter on the right hand column has just recorded the 400th visitor to this site from America. Hello and welcome! 
Thanks to another wonderful piece of software that I don't understand I am pretty confident that the visitor was from New Brunswick, New Jersey, just pipping to the post a surfer from Dillon, Colorado. 
And just behind was someone using a computer in the great town of Dublin in California who stayed on this blog for a whole four hours....(What's the guessing: a slow, careful reader gripped by every word, or someone who went away and made supper, ate it, had friends around, put the cat out and then remembered to turn off the computer...)
Joseph O' Connor wrote a travel book after visiting all the Dublins in America - I think they are 14 of them. I would love to visit and - publishers please note - write about the American towns and counties named after my mother's family - Sullivan.  That would also take me to California, and then on to Illinois, Indiana, Maine (Stephen King country), Missouri, New Hampshire, New York, Wisconsin and then there's a whole city to explore in Texas...Can't wait. I'm dreaming about it already: the people I'd meet and and the history I would discover. There has to be a book in Sullivan, USA, hasn't there?

Has your fantasy travel adventure got a theme to it? I did know someone who planned a road trip to the States around towns mentioned in songs...


MorningAJ said...

I have a fixation with English place names that sound like people. And I visit them whenever possible. Scott Willoughby. Edith Weston. Mavis Enderby. etc

BRIDGET said...

That's brilliant...how about Brent Wood? I am pretty sure that was the name adopted by the journalist who broadcast on the radio to Germany during WWII - to act as a counterpoint to Lord Haw Haw.