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Tuesday, 4 January 2011

A Quote for Writers

Just found a quote I really like which is perfect for this time of year when we are thinking about the future and what we want to achieve.
There's a word for a writer who never gives up... published" - Joe Konrath
And apparently he knows what he is talking about. Joe Konrath is an American author who mixes humour with horror: he collected nearly 500 rejections before seeing his words in print.


Rebecca said...

A brilliant reminder of why I keep going. Thank you

Eliza said...

That's a very inspiring quote! One of my favourite authors, Stephen King, also collected a mass of rejection slips. There's hope for us all. :D

Bridget Whelan said...

You're right!
And there are publishers who must go to bed every night with the thought that they held the manuscript of Harry Potter in their hands...and said no