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Saturday, 29 January 2011

A Small Stone Number 27

In a hospital waiting room where the wait is weighed in hours, I pick up a paperback and smell the pepper of old ink on its lightly braised pages. It's Maigret's first case M.Gallet decede translated to Stonewalled in this green Penguin printed the year I was learning to read.  
Patients are complaining to each other, chairs grind out a protest on the linoleum, but here, in these tired pages, It's a hot summer in 1931 and there is a bullet in a body in the Hotel de la Loire.
I am twenty miles from Paris. I am walking the mile long boulevard of dust with the Chief Inspector. He is sweating. So I am. We are both overweight.
The nurse calls my name.  


MorningAJ said...

Hope you're OK.
Hospital sounds serious.

BRIDGET said...

Oh no...really routine
but long waits in those surroundings give you plenty of time to live in the moment...which isn't always where you want to be and finding this old Penguin on the table was like a very special and very rare treat.
Maigret beats Miss Marple!