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Tuesday, 4 January 2011

HANG UP YOUR GARGLE BLASTER.......If you're a Sci Fan get your pen out and write

ANGRY ROBOT ™ is a new global publishing imprint that's based in the UK. The website says it publishes the best in science fiction, fantasy and something I haven't worked out yet. Can anyone tell me what WTF is?!
I wanted to write about them because they are doing something very special in March 2011. For one month only they will operate an open door policy for unpublished, unrepresented writers (that means anyone who doesn't already have an agent can just send them a mansucript). They promise to read through every submission received and the best of will be considered for publication.
Have a good look at the website (by clicking on the title of this post) and check out the kind of writing that gets ANGRY ROBOT excited.
And if you find out what WTF means please let me know.

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