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Wednesday, 3 March 2010

A new way of funding the arts...

Click on the title of this post to go to Kickstart, an American website that encourages visitors to contribute toward the funding of an arts project in a Dragons' Den kind of way.

Every project has a funding goal (any dollar amount) and a time limit (from 1 - 90 days) set by the project creator. When the deadline is reached, there are either of two results:
Funding Successful: If a project has met or surpassed its funding goal, all backers' credit cards are instantly charged and funds go directly to the project creator. Project creators are then responsible for completing the project and delivering rewards as promised.
Funding Unsuccessful: If a project has NOT met its funding goal, all pledges are canceled. That's it.
Pledges can come from anywhere in the world but projects have to be US based

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Naomi Foyle said...

Sounds like a subscription plan - something we're working on at Waterloo Press. We'll announce a collection of poetry we've accepted, and ask for advance orders. However, we won't charge anyone until X number of orders are received. We're not thinking of a time limit, but perhaps a year would make sense, as might encourage lazy readers to click in!