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Thursday, 25 March 2010

Book Reviews on TV

According to an article in Today's Guardian audiences for TV Book Club (Channel 4/More4) have averaged around the 200,000 mark far less than Richard and Judy attracted.
I caught Book Club once and there was so little energy or enthusiasm I wasn't tempted back. At least with Richard and Judy you felt that they cared AND that they had read the books being discussed (or had been very well briefed)...a minimum requirement you'd have thought.
Apparently a recent guest on Book Club the actor Denis Lawson admitted that he hardly read anything.
The host (Gok of Look Good Naked fame) later confessed that he hadn't finished reading the book of the week.
Many years ago I saw Monty Python's Terry Jones head a book review programme. In many ways he was a hopeless presenter: his usual rapid fire speech was speeded up and his timing was out but his in-depth knowledge and passion for the - mainly history - books under discussion was infectious.
The programme was about to end when he realized that he hadn't mentioned one book on his list. He put it in front of his face so the camera couldn't miss it, shouting: it's brilliant! Buy it! Buy it! 
Now that's what I call a review...and it made for great television...

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