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Saturday, 6 February 2010


There have been quite a few fundraising initiatives by writers over the last few weeks. Most have been quick, urgent events in an attempt to meet the desperate need but this one - run by two Black London organisations - has a slightly longer timescale. Their anthology will come out in May and they want submissions now from poets, writers, journalists and graphic artists from all backgrounds and origins. The work must be about or inspired by Haiti, its people and its culture. Proceeds  will be donated to the Lambi Haiti Fund. 
Deadline: Thursday 18 March
Maximum Word count - Prose 2500 words. Poems 1000 words. Original work - can't have been published before.  Include a short biography.
For more information write to:wordforhaiti@googlemail.com
They are also looking for volunteer researchers, editorial team members, administrators, desktop publishing specialists and promotion PR people.  
And the rest of us can buy it when it comes out....

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