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Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Self-Publishing Day in Brighton

SELF PUBLISHING is now respectable and doesn't have to involve getting a second mortgage.  The wonderful QueenSpark Books are running a day to explain the ins and outs.  
DATE:    Saturday  13 Feb (10.15am - 3.30pm) 

LOCATION: Jubilee Library Central Brighton COST: £20 

Tickets available from the 
Dome Ticket Office at 29 New Road (01273) 709709 
Topics covered will include:
How to present your book professionally
Design, Layout & Costs
Proof Reading and copy editing
Printing your book
Marketing your book
Pros & Cons of Self-Publishing.

For more information contact:
e-mail sarah@queensparkbooks.org.uk or telephone 01273 571710 

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