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Sunday, 17 January 2010

Writers & Artists Writing Competition

What's needed: A short story on the theme of 'Unity or Union' no more than 2000 words long.

Prizes:  *  £500
               * a place on an Arvon Foundation residential writing course
               * publication  on the Writers’ & Artists’ Yearbook website.
Closing date: 14 February 2010
I like competitions. Winning one some years ago gave me the cash to refit my kitchen ($4000) and the confidence to pursue my ambition to be a writer (although it was still a long time before I felt able to call myself one). 
I think they have value even if you aren't short listed - and after reaching a certain standard it is pretty much down to the personal taste of the judge (s).  Competitions provide a new focus, a new reason to get the pen out  and, best of all, a deadline.  We need deadlines.
This one is free to enter. And that makes me like it even more...


martha m said...

mmm. Sounds like a plan. A writer friend of mine was encouraging me to enter a competition just today and I declined. I may just go for this one, just for the focus, as you are right, we do need deadlines. As unlikely as I am to win, it would mean I get a story actually finished!! Plus the underlying thought of winning an Arvon week is tempting as I know from experience that they are truly fantastic!! Thanks for this!!

Bridget Whelan said...

Go for it!