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Friday, 1 January 2010

Why blog?

This is an experiment.  
It is said that there are only two ways to learn how to write: one is to write and the other is to read. So, I have decided to learn about blogging by blogging.
I have been playing around with group blogs since last summer as a way of sharing work with students but my own lack of confidence and technical ability has held the idea back.  So here I am diving in on the first day of a new decade to make my own mistakes, and learn from others...

My plan is that TWENTY TEN will run for 12 months - hence the title. However, as a novelist I am aware that the danger time is around chapter four. The initial burst of creativity fades in the face of the sheer hard slog ahead.  There are said to be more four-chapter-manuscripts gathering dust in desk drawers around the world than full length novels published.

So if TWENTY TEN lives beyond Easter 2010, I will be very pleased. Watch this space.

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