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Wednesday, 20 January 2010

The Peoples' Ferry

This has nothing to do with writing or reading but this is my blog: I make the rules. And I just wanted to celebrate the fact that the Swansea Cork Ferry is now back in action. It's known as the Peoples' Ferry because when the original ferry service closed down it was brought back into life by the hard work and savings of a group of local people from Cork and Kerry and South Wales. This is its first year and there are special offers available now.
And thinking about it...the ferry service really does have something to do with writing. Get off and you'll be inspired by the Irish landscape. You won't be able to help yourself. Drive into the westering sun, into the wild and beautiful Beara Peninsular and onwards to the corduroy fields of Kerry and mountains the colour of rain. (See, it works.) Or sail in the other direction and you're in Dylan Thomas land 

Plenty of time for reading too.... It's a 10 hour trip.

1 comment:

Mick said...

Hi Bridget,

Just thought i'd jump in to add that Swansea and Cork were twinned back in the early 90s, and the presence of the ferry at the time helped cement cultural ties between the two regions.

The return of the service will hopefully bring greater access to events such as the story telling festival on Cape Clear, and other similar activities, so all in all something to be quite excited about i think.

Well done to everyone for getting it off the ground! :-)