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Monday, 30 August 2010


So far, I've had 40 entries in my desperate search for a new blog name. All of them much better than anything I've dreamed up. Some are LOL funny, some are lyrical, some witty, some descriptive...several are bordering on the brilliant.

I want a new title to be less boring (not difficult)
I want it to stand out on a list of other blogs
I want it to do what it says on the tin - in other words give browsers some idea what they will find here
And I want it by September 1st

So...only a day to go.
Reward: a copy of A GOOD CONFESSION sent to any address in the British Isles.
Take pity and email your suggestions to softrain AT ntlworld.com


Aspiring Writer said...

So did you find a winner? What's your new chosen title?? (The one you have now isn't really so bad)

Bridget Whelan said...

I've got a shortlist and then I thought I better check whether there is a popular live blog with the same title so it's a slower process than I imagined it would be (especially as I am organising spoken word event for Sunday) and I promised my agent that the novel would be done and dusted by - oh - last week.