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Sunday, 1 August 2010

Free to enter competition that will only take a few moments...

I need help.
I've written elsewhere that titles are tricky things, hard to get right. The best ones seem to come in a lightening moment of inspiration. I've chickened out with this blog - first calling it the deeply unimaginative Twenty Ten and then deciding that I did probably quite like writing it and was in for the long haul. Fearing that the title would make even less sense in Twenty Eleven, Twenty Twelve etc etc I plumped on Bridget Whelan....I said I needed help.
Ok, so here's the competition.
Think of a title that suits the content and that would encourage writers and would-be writers and casual surfers - someone like you perhaps - to visit on the off chance.
Prize - there has to be a prize. Drum beat. Fanfare. A copy of A GOOD CONFESSION sent to your address (as long as it is somewhere in the British Isles).
Deadline - there has to be one of those as well. September 1st 2010.
That's a whole month to come up with a few words.
You can post your suggestion here as a comment or if you would rather not expose it to public scrutiny straightaway email me at softrain AT ntlworld.com. Put the word title in the subject line.
Think of it as an act of charity....
Just to recap - it's open to anyone with a bright idea but I can only send the fantastic prize to an address in England, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.


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