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Thursday, 12 August 2010

Choose a new name for this blog

TWENTY NINE  suggestions so far in my name this blog competition, launched because I need a title that would encourage a casual browser to come visit.  And somehow Bridget Whelan just doesn't do it.
First prize is a copy of A GOOD CONFESSION sent anywhere in the British Isles (when you submit a precious manuscript to an agent or publisher there is no second prize - same here).

I was impressed by the quality all of the suggestions. They were thoughtful and interesting....
....Twelve used puns
....two contributors sought inspiration from Seamus Heaney
....one was original and lyrical
....one made me laugh out loud (a good thing)
....one made my husband laugh out loud (not such a good thing)
Haven't made my mind up yet - the deadline is SEPTEMBER 1st. Please send me more ideas. Email me on softrain AT ntlworld.com or post it as a comment.
However, I have made one decision.

Maggie of Florida said lots of wonderful things about my teaching. Thank you Maggie, but no, I can't call it The Tenth Muse I really can't. Sorry.

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