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Sunday, 18 July 2010

Peas and words and the stories they tell...

If you love words - and if you are a writer it's a marriage not an affair -  I recommend Michael Quinion's website http://www.worldwidewords.org 
Subscribe to his free weekly newsletter and every Saturday you will be entertained, educated and intrigued. This week I not only learned a new word but I gained an insight into another time and another way of life.
Ever heard of PEA-WET?
It's a term used in Lancashire, specifically in the Wigan area, for the green liquid that runs off tinned mushy peas. (I hate peas. Always have. always will. I know that like eggs they are nature's convenience food - and like eggs they even come in their own wrapping - but I will never be converted. Mushy peas are the work of the devil and if you don't know what they are guard your ignorance. It's a place you don't want to go...). Sorry I digress...PEA-WET is a poor man's gravy poured over a portion of chips (or, as I would say, ruining a portion of chips). PEA-WET AND
SCRAPS was a treat for poor children, the scraps being fragments of batter from the fish fryer.
You could write a story around that one detail couldn't you? The smell of the chip shop on a Saturday night, the street light reflected in the glass and chrome...crunching into the golden batter...the heat of the newspaper bundle and the cold of the night...

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