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Tuesday, 13 July 2010

First Lines literary quiz

It's the end of term and time for a literary quiz. Here is an example of some of the questions I inflicted on students over the last few weeks.
The following are all first lines of novels (scroll down for the answers). Five points for the title, five points for the author.
(1) It was a bright cold day in April and the clocks were striking thirteen.
(2) I thought I'd been to Africa. Told all my class I had.
(3) I have been arrested. For winning a quiz show.
(4) Renowned curator Jacques Sauniere staggered through the vaulted archway of the museum's Grand Gallery
(1) 1984 (five points) George Orwell (five points)
(2)  Small Island (five points) Andrea Levy (five points)
(3)  Slumdog Millionaire (five points) Vikas Swarup (five points). Original book title Q&A (five points)
(4)  Da Vinci Code Dan Brown (minus ten points...that man owes me two hours of my time)

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