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Tuesday, 13 July 2010


I'm part of an exciting new project that launches on Thursday afternoon at  Brighton Unemployed Centre in the heart of Brighton.
We are being funded by Heritage Lottery to explore and research the past and present of Tarner (scroll down to see the map) through oral history, film, photography and creative writing.  

You can find out more by coming along on Thursday to Brighton Unemployed Centre in Tilbury Place, just off Carlton Hill, near the American Express building. 
The open afternoon runs from 1pm (stay for a filling vegan lunch for £1.50) until 4 pm when the Centre closes.
I'm writer in residence and right now I'm planning an August creative walk around the area - in the company of a local historian and an experienced healthwalks guide.
Early September there will be an one day workshop that is aimed at absolute beginners

And from the autumn the Centre's creative writing group will be working on a short drama that will roll out around Christmas time to local schools and audiences.
Nothing's written in stone but at the moment we are thinking of an Under the Milk Wood style production, telling the story of the local area through the voices of our near neighbours, the animals (and the trees and the flint walls...who knows).
It will be a steep learning curve on how to work collaboratively and still produce a drama that we all feel proud of, but the group is such a wonderful creative force that I feel very positive. 

Anyway this is a Brighton Unemployed Centre project, with the thinnest of resources they always manage to do wonderful things. 
If you live in Brighton and want to get involved do get in touch.  And if  Tarner has ever been home to you - now or in the past - do please get in touch. There's a slice of local history to be written and you can be part of it.

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