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Monday, 4 July 2011

Monday morning quote for writers

On Independence Day here's a quote from a contemporary American writer.
Joy Williams is from Massachusetts and her last novel was The Quick and the Dead.

Good writing never soothes or comforts. It is no prescription, neither is it diversionary, although it can and should enchant while it explodes in the reader's face. Whenever the writer writes, it's always three or four or five o'clock in the morning in his head. Those horrid hours are the writer's days and nights when he is writing.

What do you think - do you mentally occupy those lonely early morning hours when you face the computer screen or the intrimidating snow of blank paper? Or is it a warmer, softer experience for you?
I love the idea of words exploding in the face of the reader. That's something to aim for: not all the time of course, but a series of explosions....

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