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Friday, 22 July 2011

Great writing - one paragraph at a time....

Paragraph Planet is a really interesting writerly (and readerly) activity and it's just been revamped so now is a good time to visit. http://www.paragraphplanet.com
The authors' section has been updated (this is not a personal plug - haven't got around to submitting although it is 
on my to-do list) and a new interview feature has been added. The first writers to be interviewed are Kate Morris, Judy Astley 
and Julie Corbin who all discuss the writing process and their 
new books.
And in another new feature it is now possible to submit a 
sequel to any paragraph on the site, not just the current one. 
A paragraph...go on! You've got time for a paragraph. I've got 
time for a paragraph...a slinky, seductive paragraph; a scary 
paragraph to make the nerve endings tingle, a...I'll stop there. 
I should be writing, not writing about the writing I would 
do if I only got around to it...

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