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Saturday, 25 September 2010

Publish your poem

Want to find a home for that well crafted poem - the one that went down so well in workshops? Entering a competition is one option but you could also consider submitting for publication in a literary magazine....such as The View From Here
It has both a print and on-line existance and publishes author interviews, book reviews and original fiction and poetry.  Although it is British based, it is edited by an international team and - this is the really interesting bit - it
has a close working relationship with some big names in publishing such as Random House. There's no money in appearing in The View From Here but it's a damn fine writing credential and it could get you noticed.
Read the magazine (click on the title of this post o go to the website), do your research and polish your best work until it shines.  This is what The View From Here are looking for in the next six months....
November: “Regret For Dinner”
December: “Empty Rooms”
January 2011: “Absent Light”
February: “Sweet Nothings”
March: “Forget About It”
April: “Fools”

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