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Saturday, 11 September 2010

Choosing a new name for this blog

is hard. Even with 40 suggestions - thank you everyone for joining in the competition - had many more good ideas to consider than I expected.
Do I go for the funny or the accurate?
The intelligent or lyrical...?
Hmmm. Will announce the winner on Monday. Not to prolong it unnecessarily but...
a) because tomorrow will be taken up with Sunday lunch which for once will be roughly at lunch time and preparing for A SPORTING CHANCE tomorrow night (not only reading, but also compering....wish me luck)
b) will run a few of the contenders by the family at said lunch. Completely unbiased as they've never read blog and unlikely to do so in the future. Come to think of it, only one of them has read my novel and the one that did said, and I quote, that it was 'surprisingly good'.  (Excellent example of why adverbs should be avoided.)

1 comment:

Moja said...

Ha ha ha! I agree with you. "I thought it was good" sounds so much nicer than "surprisingly good". It'll be nice to see which name you eventually go for.