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Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Brilliant competition for would be novelists

...and you can enter even if you haven't finished. The judges are looking for potential, not perfection.
They want to see a synopsis and 1500 words which can come from any part of the novel.
The First Prize is a Trophy and a contract with top London literary agent. As the organisors make clear "...nothing in the real world of publishing is guaranteed" so they can't promise your masterpiece will ever be published but the winner will be getting a kind of first class ticket to the heart of the publishing industry and the kind of cache that money can't buy. 
The judges are prestigious: Kate Mosse of Labyrinth fame (she also helped set up The Orange Prize), Peter James, author of 23 best selling crime novels - many set in Brighton - and Louise Rennison, queen of teen fiction.  
The entry fee is a hefty £15 but every penny goes to a community adult education service and the closing date is December 1st so there's time to save up and polish those 1500 words.
I should mention one tiny drawback...you have to live under a big Sussex sky to enter. Or, as the rules specify, "entrants must reside within the county of Sussex or reside at a Sussex based university."
Could be worth moving.
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