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Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Looking for love (stories)

Made From Scratch Theatre Company based in London are looking for submissions for the latest in their Scratch Nights. They want "all sorts of love stories" written as 15 min short plays. 
Those chosen will be performed this summer at "an exciting London venue".
Submit to mfsneedsyou@gmail.com. Put Scratch Night: Love Stories in the subject line,
Deadline July 1st 2010
Made From Scratch Theatre Company say that they "really want to help promote new writers in London. If that's you, regardless of experience we want to know..."  They also have a fan page on Facebook - check it out if you're thinking of submitting.
Suggestions for all sorts of love stories
  • Forbidden love (please see novel on right.  please buy novel on right. please go to a library and borrow novel on right. please...you get the idea...)
  • Love with the other - Beauty and the Beast....Lady into Fox by David Garnett (I recently set a two hour class around this book....and I fell in love with the work that came out of it)
  • Tragic love - the lovers die: Romeo & Juliet, The English Patient.....
  • Tragic love - one lover dies: Titanic, Love Story, PS I Love You...Goodbye Mr Chips...there must be heaps more...
  • Happy love stories....Breakfast at Tiffany's (fillm not the book which has a very different ending) Goodbye Mr Chips...completely dried up....
Suggestions for an exciting London venue
  • London Dungeon --- it's a potent mix: horror + love
  • Holborn tube station Piccadilly line platform (just because I can often be found standing there) Love among the tube mice...
  • Tower of London --- Beefeater and vegetarian
  • House of Correction in Clerkenwell --- captive love.....
Any others?

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