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Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Arvon Grants - this year's round launched

If you have always wanted to go on an Arvon creative writing course (and they are the flag ship of the creative writing industry in the UK) but couldn't afford it, apply now for for a grant that will cover the full cost (excluding travel).
Hurry - you only have two weeks to apply. They receive so many applications that they can only open the door of good fortune (easier to access than that tricky window of opportunity) until June 25.  Click on the title of this post to go to the appropriate part of the website (it can't be reached through more conventional routes - another device to reduce the total number of applications.

Application Criteria
1. Arvon 42 grants are only available to writers living permanently in England or Wales.
2. Applicants must provide supporting information and documentation to demonstrate that
they do not have the financial means to make any payment towards the cost of an Arvon
course. The information required is specified on the grant application form. For security
reasons, applicants are advised to blank out information such as account numbers and
sort codes on supporting documentation.
3. Arvon 42 grants will not be awarded to applicants who have previously been awarded an
Arvon grant and failed to attend a course without notice or good reason.
4. Recipients of Arvon 41 grants may not apply for an Arvon 42 grant. However, applicants
who were not selected for the Arvon 41 scheme are welcome to reapply.

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