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Wednesday, 5 May 2010

A Brighton Weekend FRIDAY NIGHT

I wouldn't be anywhere else but Brighton during May. I love the festival and I had such a great bank holiday weekend it's only now that I've had the energy to blog about it.  
Friday night. Ok this wasn't exactly a festival event. It was a birthday party but it is was held in one of my favourite pubs in one of my favourite parts of Brighton. Hanover is steep hills, narrow streets (fold your wing mirrors in if you're driving), tightly packed, pastel coloured two up and two downs and tiny, friendly pubs on the street corners. Once a very working class area, it is now known as Muesli Hill because of the number of teachers who live there. It has a wonderful, friendly atmosphere like nowhere else. And The Geese is like being in a friend's front room. With music. And a pay bar.  I'd like to live in Hanover but I just haven't got the legs for it.

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