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Sunday, 11 September 2011

Twitter as a post office...twitter as a boomerang...twitter as a waste of time. And what about facebook?

I'm very grateful for the range and quality of comments relating to a guest post that asked questions about social media and the writer. Thought provoking stuff that leads onto to other thought provoking things...such as: are we all creative writers now?
And if the answer is yes: is that a good thing?


MorningAJ said...

Everyone can be a creative writer. Not everyone can be a GOOD creative writer.

BRIDGET said...

You're write, so write....
I've always felt that creativity is an essential human quality. As soon as a child walks she dances, as soon as she can hold a piece of charcoal she draws and as soon as she has words she tells stories. Being a good dancer, artist, storyteller is another matter...we don't all merit the same attention from an audience or readership