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Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Ooops...look I just got back from holiday, ok!

Honour and glory is great.
How did I write that yesterday? How did I read those words several times and allow them to go sailing off into hyperspace together, all naked and vulnerable and wrong?
Mea Culpa*
Mea Culpa
Honour and glory ARE great. There, that's nailed it. I blame jet lag (from Spain....)
As Samuel Beckett said: fail, fail again, fail better (but I suspect he wasn't thinking of basic grammar).
Mea máxima culpa

A translation for those who aren't familiar with the Latin phrase or weren't brought up as a Catholic: Mea Culpa = my fault. Mea máxima culpa = My most grievous fault. Or as an altar boy in Roscommon used to say many years ago: me a cowboy, me a cowboy, me a Mexican cowboy

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