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Saturday, 18 June 2011

Short Story Competitions with added value

This morning I came across two short story competitions that include a short critique of your story for the entry fee. That does sound like a very good deal. I am emerging from a heavy round of marking (university non fiction and adult education fiction) and know only too well just how long it takes to give written feedback.
Competition entrants should be realistic - they can't expect anything very detailed and probably a few generalised standard paragraphs will be included in the response...but, even so, it is a generous add-on that should give writers some insight into their work.

Writers’ Village Best Writing Award Summer 2011
Wanted: short story up to 3,000 words on any subject. 
Entry Fee: £10 for up to two stories.
Prizes: £200, £100, £50, 5@£20; winning entries will also be published online. 
Deadline: June 30 2011
Writers’ Village, The Old School House, Leigthon Buzzard LU7 9DP.

Laurel House Creative Workshops Short Story Competition
Wanted: short story up to 4,000 wds on any theme; each story entered will receive a 400 wd critique.  
 Entry fee: £4 per story. 
Prize: £100, plus full critique and publication in a LHCW anthology.
Deadline: July 4 
Laurel House Creative Workshops, Laurel House, Groesfaen, Rhondda, Cynon Taff CF72 8NS
Couldn't find a website for this one...

And here's one that awards the winner with a bottle of sparkly stuff as well as hard cash 

The Ifanca Hélène James Short Story Competition
Wanted: short stories up to 2,200 words.  
Entry fee: £3 per story 
Prizes: £100 plus a bottle of champagne; £50, £25.
Deadline: July 1st 2011
The Ifanca Hélène James Short Story Competition, Green Plain, 185 St David’s Road, Letterston, Haverfordwest SA62 5SS
This is a new competition to celebrate the life of a writer, dancer, herbalist and homeopath who died in a car crash last September.


MorningAJ said...

Website for the laurel house competition


BRIDGET said...

Brilliant....and the kind of cutting edge expertise I've come to expect as a regular reader of your blog

MorningAJ said...

I have techie connections!