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Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Publishing Fiction for Young Adults - meet the author, her agent and publisher

You rarely get all three together - the writer, the agent and the publisher - so this looks like a fine opportunity to find out how the publishing industry works from the inside.  
New author Caroline Green, her agent Catherine Pellegrino and her publisher Anne Clark will discuss the journey to publication and beyond.
Find out what innovative approaches Caroline took to secure her agent and how she worked with the publsihers who offered her a deal. Hear what Anne Clark of Piccadilly Press and Catherine Pellegrino, of Rogers, Coleridge & White Literary Agency, have to say about the creative demands of writing for teenage readers. In the afternoon, Catherine Pellegrino will lead a masterclass on the do’s and don’ts of finding and securing an agent.

£20/ £17
Saturday 25 June, 10.30am – 3pm
Foyles Gallery, 113-119 Charing Cross Road London WC2H 0EB

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