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Thursday, 24 February 2011

How to Kickstart Your Comedy Writing Career

Many scriptwriters and comedian started their career by contributing ideas and one liners to topical sketch shows. The BBC have a new one starting in the summer and they will be actively seeking new writing each week. Newsjack takes a comical look at the week's news stories and the pilot will be broadcast on Thursday 4 June at 11pm on BBC Radio 7. The series proper will begin a fortnight later.
If you want to write for Newsjack, here are a few simple guidelines
    * Listen to the show. It will be available on iPlayer after broadcast.
    * Submit your material for each show on or before noon on Monday each week
    * Be funny

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laughing sailor
 Photo was taken in Brighton Sealife Centre in 2007 by AtomicShed - featured here under the wonderful creative commons license

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