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Sunday, 20 February 2011


As the Crime Editor of Ireland’s biggest selling Sunday newspaper, Niamh O’Connor is writing about the gangs and deprived inner city tower locks she’s knows only too well from her day job.  This a fast paced thriller with a very likable heroine. Jo Birmingham not only has a troubled teenage son but also a year old baby and she juggles career ambitions with single motherhood. The fact that her ex husband is also her boss doesn’t exactly help.  In this novel she is on the track of a serial killer with a very detailed knowledge of scripture – nothing as basic as the seven deadly sins.
It takes a lot of hard work to be an easy read and this books slips down as easily a crème caramel.  I would have liked a bit more stretch marks and worries about childcare but I like Jo and her ex husband comes across as edgy, sexy and attractive – attributes that are hard to communicate when all you have is words .
Niamh O’Connor feel very strongly about the way victims are treated and joins with Rape Crisis campaigners in arguing that they should have separate legal representation.  As does Jo Birmingham  who continually argues the case with government departments. It would have been more effective to have that issue developed as part of the story – show don’t tell – but perhaps she will do that in future novels.

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