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Saturday, 20 November 2010

Whisky Writing and a Scottish Island...what's not to like

Jura malt whisky is offering one writer the chance to stay at the island’s exclusive Jura Lodge and compose a short story based on the island. There is, however, a catch... Writers will only have 1984 minutes to compose their story (I make that 33 hours..hey, if you're in one of my classes you'd think that was a luxury...), in keeping with the name of the George Orwell masterpiece which was penned on the island more than 60 years ago.
To win the competition, writers are being asked to submit the first 300 words of their proposed short story. There are only two criteria. First, the narrative of the short story must take place on the island itself. Second, the story should have a link to one of the many myths and legends about Jura.

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