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Monday, 22 November 2010

50 reasons to be cheerful in Ireland

OK, we're all going to hell in a handcart and Ireland's leading the race, but the Irish Times discovered  parts of Irish life that economics can’t reach. They asked Twitter users to name the things they love about Ireland. Here is a selection - click on the title of this post to read all 50.
  •  knowing all your cousins 4 times removed and being shamed by your mother for not knowing all their kids too
  • West Cork, the sunset through the namhog bus stop at Dingle Harbour, Lough Allan flat beneath a pure blue sky 
  • The ritual “no thanks I’m grand I’m only after a cup” followed by “well if you’re having one yourself”
  •  Where you can still watch a Western during prime time Friday night telly
  • They can take away our sovereignty but they can never take our red lemonade or sugar sandwich
  • The fact that we don’t have to pay for royal weddings 
  • Having a defence force instead of an army
  • The Tart with the Cart, Floozie in the Jacuzzi, Stiletto in the Ghetto, Time in the Slime & The Hags with the Bags
  • Having a unique measurement of length – the long mile – and naming a road after it.
  • Waving hello to complete strangers on country roads
  • Beautiful words fashioned in the misty dawn of the countryside, from celtic gossamer. Like . . . gobshite

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