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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Nothing to do with writing...everything to do with just getting by

There's no doubt that we facing Hard Times...but the cuts are not falling on everyone equally.  
Women are being hit in three distinct ways:
- they are losing their jobs
- their benefits and the services they rely on are being slashed
- AND they will be the ones expected to ‘fill the gaps’ as state services are withdrawn and voluntary organisations close down through lack of funding.
The Fawcett Society, backed by more than 20 charities, unions and academics, have produced a report that recommends:
• restoration of support for childcare costs for low-income families to pre-April 2011 levels - this would help ensure paid employment makes financial sense for the many low income women who’ve found they are better off not working.
• Ring fencing of funding for Sure Start children’s centres - this would further protect women’s access to employment and shore up the other vital benefits these centres offer thousands of families. 
• Stopping local authorities from treating violence against women services as a soft touch for cuts to ensure that some of the most vulnerable women in the UK have access to the support they need.
The Fawcett Society has been around since 1866. It's a shame that we can't relegate their work to the history books...

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