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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

International Travel Writing Competition - fiction and non fiction

It might mean writing over the weekend but here's a competition aimed at budding travel writers as well as those who have already established themselves in this field.  It is the first ever Travel Writing Contest organised by Rossgill Media  - they may run more if they like the response.
First prize is  £100 AND feedback from two published travel writers - judges Paul Gogarty and Bill Corbett.  The deadline is midnight May 31, 2011 and the entry fee is £3. They are looking for writing between 1000 and 3000 words long
The special element is the very wide interpretation of what constitutes travel writing. Here's what the organizers say: 
We'd love to see how travel has changed your perception of the world and your sense of self (or your characters, if you're submitting fiction). If you are submitting fiction, are you or your characters able to appreciate the ways of the inhabitants? Can you share their time and space, interact, and become a part of the experience? Or do you feel very much on the outside, looking in?
 Alternatively, your piece could be about an inner journey or, say, an experience far from home. For example, a man travels to meet his biological father after learning that he will soon become a father himself. A woman returns home to take care of an aging mother.
Check out all the rules (and follow them to the letter) by clicking on the title of this post

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