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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

More things you shouldn't do when entering writing competitions

Via Twitter I've had a lots of good advice from writers who also judge writing competitions. Here it is: digest and avoid! 

NICK DAWS – editor, freelance writer and tutor

Stories that clearly haven't been proofread and/or don't abide by the contest rules. A waste of everybody's time!

SALLY QUILFORD – writer and columnist for Writer’s Forum Magazine

My own pet niggle is people, thankfully rare, who 'explain' their story to you just in case you don't 'get' it. Me being really thick and all that!

SUE MOORCROFT – novelist and creative writing tutor

Return envelopes that are too small or already stuck down! you have dozens of stories to return, inadequate envelopes seem a bigger and bigger thing!
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Good Advise :)